Top 5 Pre-Christmas Fitness Tips

Keen to shape up in time for this year’s Christmas festivities? Here are our top five tips on how to get fit, tone-up and slim down before Santa comes down that chimney, with the help of our on-site fitness centre Hesketh’s Health Club:

  1. Burn fat through regular cardio. Any form of regular exercise no matter how small will help to burn calories. Cardio exercise, such as running, cycling or aerobics, that raises the heart rate is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. Try your hand at the cross trainer, treadmill or rowing machine at Hesketh’s fully equipped gym to boost that heart rate and shift those pounds. Gym facilities are free for guests so you can keep up with your exercise routine even when you’re away from home at no extra cost.
  1. Tone up with weight training. Exercise that uses some form of resistance, such as weight training, is ideal for targeting the core muscles and changing the shape of the body. Remember, weight lifting isn’t just for body builders who like lifting dumbbells; lifting a smaller weight for more repetitions will tone up key areas, such as the triceps, shoulders and back, helping to build lean muscle. The upshot is that that the body burns more calories to maintain a pound of muscle than to maintain a pound of fat. That means that the more muscle you have the greater the number of calories your body will be burning even when you’re at rest! Ask the gym’s experienced instructors for more tips and tricks.
  1. Choose low impact exercise. Visit the hotel’s indoor swimming pool if you’re looking for low-impact cardio. The water will cushion your body, allowing you to exercise even if you suffer from weak joints, are new to working out or are pregnant. No matter whether you’re a fan of breast stroke or back crawl, swimming involves most of the body’s muscle groups, which will help you to tone up and trim down well before you hear those sleigh bells ringing. We offer 3, 6 and 12 month membership to the pool so you can continue with your fitness plan well beyond Christmas and the New Year too!
  1. Get a gym buddy or trainer. We all need support to reach our fitness goals, so why not get a friend to tag along with you to your gym sessions if you need a little extra encouragement (we even offer joint membership!). Better yet, book in for a training session with one of our highly experienced personal trainers! They’ll assess your current fitness level, create a program that suits your individual goals and push you forward when the going gets tough.
  1. Take a rest day and eat right. Your body will need time to recover in between your training sessions so it’s important to take time off. Continue to eat healthily even on those days that you don’t hit the gym – eating a balanced nutritious diet will fuel your upcoming workouts and help your body to create more muscle mass when it’s at rest, resulting in a leaner silhouette. Try cutting out sugary snacks, like biscuits and cakes, and drink at least 2 litres of water a day to boost the health of your skin and guarantee that you sparkle on Christmas morning.

The key to improving your fitness levels is to exercise regularly and push yourself a little more at each work out. Slow and steady weight loss will soon follow a steady exercise regime.